Bio-Statistics, Analyzing data for Pharmaceutical companies and Medical research
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e-CRF data collection

  General Statistics

We collect and monitor the data collection process utilizing the "GanStat " software.

This software in an eCRF (electronic Case Report Form) which enables all participants of the study to collect and view the data in real-time over the web. Access to the study data is permitted to a specific person on a need basis controlled by password protection.

The data is highly secured, backed-up and monitored.
The e-CRF has automatic auditing tables who track all data inserted into the database.
The users of the e-CRF can be of several levels and types according to hierarchy.

  "Gan Statistics" performs statistical analysis for other fields of scientific research.

We have performed studies in the following fields:
• Education
• Engineering
• Fine Arts
• Literature


"Gan Statistics" specializes in statistical analysis for Pharmaceutical research, medical and dental studies.

We perform statistical studies by the following criterias:
• Phase I, II, III and IV
• One or Multi center
• Open/ closed studies
• Randomizes studies
• Single or two arm studies

We provide training for the "GanStat" software and a short background course (3 hours) on Bio-Statistics.
  Method of work

  Preliminary understanding - our first step is meeting with the client, understand his needs (the study objectives, protocol, CRF, scope of the study, time frame, budget etc.).

Preparing an offer - We prepare a detailed offer for the study and agree with the client that it covers all issues which are important to him.
  Pre Study preparations - We support the client with defining the study objectives, Review the Protocol and CRF to assure they are written in the most suitable and effective way.

e-CRF tailoring - We prepare a special e-CRF which will provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to the clients needs.

Data Collection - the data is collected by e-CRF (or manually- by paper CRF) and we manage and monitor the data collection through out the study.

Statistical Analysis - is done only after the data in verified as valid and final. We use the "Stata" statistical software.

Final report - We prepare a full and detailed final statistical report with all the relevant data, charts etc.
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